The previous email address associated with Para-tech (paratech@rof.net) has been compromised. Spherachutes is now managing the production and sales of Para-Tech sea anchors.  All communications regarding Para-Tech will be coming from the email address info@spherachutes.com.  If you have sent personal information to paratech@rof.net in the past, please take care to change passwords and monitor transactions in your financial institutions carefully.

Innovative Sea Anchor for Offshore Fishing

PARA-TECH Engineering Co. has been a leading manufacturer of offshore survival gear since 1980 or over 4 decades in the industry. Our para-tech sea anchor or parachute sea anchor for offshore fishing is a parachute that goes under the surface of the water to secure the boat. Our headquarters produces innovative products that have improved the safety of sailors and fishermen throughout the world. We have established ourselves as a trusted source for highly effective offshore supplies that are a necessity for both commercial and recreational watercraft.

Outfit your vessel with our specially adapted parachute anchors and sea anchor drogue to make ocean passage safer. Our products reduce drift to help you control speed, anchor effectively, remain stationary over lucrative fishing spots, and more.

Durable Equipment for Safer Overseas Voyages

Highly experienced deep-sea fishermen swear by the performance of our products. Our customers consider our gear an indispensable part of their boat’s inventory. To improve your safety at sea, we offer several products of varying sizes. All of our products are priced cost-effectively and are tested to withstand even severe conditions. We are your source for:

• Sea Anchors
• DELTA Drogues
• Trip Lines

We manufacture all of our products with the same commitment to quality. When it comes to safety, you can’t afford to take chances. With our gear, you can expect easy-to-use, self-opening products that improve boat control and help to stabilize disabled vessels. Our products help you save time, fuel, money and even improve your fishing success. You can rely on our gear for multiple applications, but when it comes to the most important use, safety, no other products out-perform ours in emergency situations.

User-Friendly, High-Performance Products

All of our products are designed with safety and convenience in mind. When you’re in distress at sea, you don’t want to bother with complicated instructions. That’s why we make our products easier to use than other related products on the market. We use high-strength, reinforced nylon and other materials that are proven effective even in dangerous hurricane conditions. Try our products and find out why so many customers prefer our offshore survival gear.