PARA-TECH Accessories

PARA-TECH accessories are perfect for use with Sea Anchors and DELTA Drogues. We also carry steel hardware, trip lines, anchor rode and, rode stow/deployment bags. Additionally, we can supply your Sea Anchor rigged and ready for use – simply reach out to a member of our team to discuss your needs.


We carry a full line of stainless steel PARA-TECH hardware, swivels, shackles, and heavy duty thimbles. We also carry stainless steel chain grabbers for securing snubbers to chain.

Trip Lines

The easiest way of retrieving your Sea Anchor is by the use of a trip line. There should be a float at the end. PARA-TECH Trip Lines come in their own stow/deployment bag for rapid, easy deployment. ¼" Polypropylene (floating) line in a red heavy duty bag with its own built in float. It can do double-duty as a heaving line, too. Available in 100, 150, or 200' lengths.

Anchor Rode

The PARA-TECH Anchor Rode is a single braid construction, combining the advantages of double braid – strength, ease of handling – with the high stretch of three strand twisted without the disadvantages of either. This rode also has the added advantage of the splicing ease of hollow braid; it can even be spliced end-to-end with little or no loss in overall strength.

Disadvantages of Three Strand Twisted: When loaded this rope wants to untwist which leads to hackling and knotting. This constant untwisting tends to generate heat, which weakens the rope.

DISADVANTAGES of Double Braid: Because it is essentially a rope within a rope, the two tend to abrade against each other when being loaded and unloaded which generates heat and weakens the rope. Additionally, if double braid herniates (the inner core pops outside of the outer sheath), the rope cannot be repaired and must be scrapped.

Other Advantages of Single-Braid Rope

Braided construction makes the condition of the rode always visible. Only the highest quality nylon yarns are used, manufactured on the latest and most modern equipment. All nylon yarns are not the same. Some have very low resistance to the sun's ultraviolet light – a lesson we learned the hard way with another product line. The wrong yarn lasted 3% of the time the correct yarn did. We declined to order from a supplier who did not make rope with the correct yarn.

1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 7/8" diameters are carried in stock. We can pre-splice stainless thimbles or dock loops in the ends and make complete bridle assemblies for multi-hulls. We can also provide you with splicing instructions if you want to do it yourself.

Rode Stow/Deployment Bags

These are designed for organized stowage of your anchor rode and easy deployment. The rode passes through the bottom of the bag and is secured by a strap. The top opens like a sea bag. The rode is attached to the boat and to the Sea Anchor and tossed overboard (bag and all) with the Sea Anchor, providing a clean, orderly deployment. The bag is held captive to the system.

NOTE: Rode bags are individually tailored for the rode to be used.


PARA-TECH can provide you with a fully rigged Sea Anchor or DELTA Drogue with rode, hardware, etc., tailored for your boat and designed for compact stowage and ease of use. We will be happy to go over your existing rigging and make recommendations, helping you get the most out of it.

Contact our team to learn more about any of the above PARA-TECH accessories.